What is the key to long lasting weight loss?

Many people believe that the key to weight loss is simply calorie reduction. If you ask a personal trainer, dietician, or a doctor they will tell you that in order to lose weight just cut your caloric intake. Well, that does work, temporarily. All diets work for the first few weeks, then you hit a plateau, get discouraged, quit eating right and the weight comes crashing back. The health experts will then say to you, “it’s your fault you didn’t lose weight because you didn’t stick to the plan.” All the while you know that it really isn’t your fault, in your mind you know IT JUST DOESN’T WORK.

So, what is the key for long lasting weight lost? One word: INSULIN! Anytime you eat something insulin levels rise. Insulin resistance is the body’s defense mechanism against excess sugar. Insulin keeps your blood sugar from rising to high. To much sugar is toxic to your body. The more you eat the more you have to eat. You are not obese because you eat to much, you eat to much because you are obese. When insulin levels are high you have to keep eating.

So how do you keep insulin levels down and stable? The only answer is fasting. Complete separation from food for a period of time is the only way to lose weight and actually keep it off. I recommend intermittent fasting for 90% of the population. Fasting is something that should be done by everyone, but I know most people’s body wouldn’t be able to handle a pure fast right off the bat because so many people are deficient in so many vital areas. Fasting has major health benefits and will cure you from insulin resistance, which will in turn optimize your health and aid you in long lasting weight loss.

So, in conclusion if you have tried diets and lost weight initially but gained it back as soon as the diet stopped, then you have found your answer. Incorporate fasting into your diet and you will see much greater results and you will feel 100 times better.

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