The Hidden Link between Unity and The Law of Attraction

“When spiders unite, they can tie down a lion” -Ethiopian Proverb

Do you believe in the law of attraction? Do you believe that it always works? The law of attraction has picked up a lot of steam over the past couple of years, and many people believe wholeheartedly. In This brief article I will answer these two questions.

I for one do believe in the law of attraction with full faith, but does it always work? The law of attraction works absolutely 100% of the time, BUT only on an individual level. What I mean by this is, what you are seeking from the universe you will get it, if you match the vibration of what you’re seeking. The moment you bring someone else in your affairs the law of attraction ceases to work unless unity is involved.

Races can only succeed as a whole with unity. Couples can only succeed with unity. Businesses can only grow with unity. Teams can only win the game with unity. As long as the two people or group is in complete harmony the law of attraction will do its job.

The law of of attraction can’t overpower unity. The majority always wins. So, while the law of attraction can work wonders in your own personal life, don’t count on it when you are trying to bring others into your situation. You must first persuade the group or other person to your way of thinking and convince them of your cause and only then will the law of attraction work in your favor. Nothing in the universe can override unity, not even the law of attraction, no matter how hard you try. Be mindful of this the next time you try to take on a cause and you can clearly see all the people aren’t aligned with each other.

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